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Volume:4, Issue:1
ICRISAT and CGIAR 35th Anniversary Symposium"Climate-Proofing Innovation for Poverty Reduction and Food Security"
22-24 November 2007

The Implications of Climate Change for Crop Yields, Global Food Supply and Risk of Hunger

Martin Parry


 Pages : 44


 Size :749KB


Agriculture and Food Security in Asia: The Role of Agricultural Research and Knowledge in a Changing Environment


Mark Rosegrant, Claudia Ringler, Siwa Msangi Tingju Zhu, Timothy Sulser, Rowena Valmonte-Santos, Stanley Wood


 Pages : 35


 Size :284KB


Changes in Climate will modify the Geography of Crop Suitability:
Agricultural Biodiversity can help with Adaptation


A Lane and A Jarvis


 Pages : 12


 Size :319KB


Implications for a warmer, wetter world on the late blight pathogen: How CIP efforts can reduce risk for low-input potato farmers


G A Forbes and R Simon



 Pages : 34


 Size :1.29MB


Vulnerability, Climate change and Livestock – Research Opportunities and Challenges for Poverty Alleviation


Philip Thornton, Mario Herrero, Ade Freeman, Okeyo Mwai, Ed Rege, Peter Jones and John McDermott


 Pages : 23


 Size :707KB

Using Tropical Forest Ecosystem Goods and Services for Planning Climate Change Adaptation with Implications for Food Security and Poverty Reduction


Johnson Nkem, Heru Santoso, Daniel Murdiyarso, Maria Brockhaus, and Markku Kanninen



 Pages : 23


 Size :144KB


Overview on Crop Genetic Engineering for Drought-prone Environments


Rodomiro Ortiz, Masa Iwanaga, Matthew P.Reynolds, Huixia Wu and Jonathan H Crouch


 Pages : 30


 Size :428KB


Improving Vegetable Productivity in a Variable and Changing Climate

R de la Peña & J Hughes 


 Pages : 22


 Size :115KB


Facing Climate Change by Securing Water for Food, Livelihoods and Ecosystems

C de Fraiture, V Smakhtin, D Bossio, P McCornick, C Hoanh , A Noble, D Molden, F Gichuki, M Giordano, M Finlayson and H Turral


 Pages : 21


 Size :156KB


Exploiting the functionality of root systems for dry, saline, and nutrient deficient environments in a changing climate


V Vadez, L Krishnamurthy, J Kashiwagi, J Kholova, JM Devi, KK Sharma, P Bhatnagar-Mathur, DA Hoisington, CT Hash, FR Bidinger and JDH Keatinge


 Pages : 61


 Size :687KB


Increasing the Resilience of Dryland Agro-ecosystems to Climate Change


Richard J Thomas, Eddy de Pauw, Manzoor Qadir, Ahmed Amri, Mustapha Pala, Amor Yahyaoui, Mustapha El-Bouhssini, Michael Baum, Luis Iñiguez and Kamel Shideed


 Pages : 37


 Size :1.15MB


Exploiting partnerships in research and development to help African rice farmers cope with climate variability


B Manneh, P Kiepe, M Sie, M Ndjiondjop, NK Drame, K Traore, J Rodenburg, E A Somado, L Narteh, O Youm, A Diagne, and K Futakuchi


 Pages : 24


 Size :164KB


Climate Change Adaptation through Rice Production in Regions with High Poverty Levels

Reiner Wassmann and Achim Dobermann


 Pages : 37


 Size :217KB


Climate Proofing Agricultural Research Investments


Peter Jones, Andy Jarvis, Glenn Hyman, Steve Beebe and Douglas Pachico



 Pages : 29


 Size :1.07MB


Enhancing the resilience of inland fisheries and aquaculture systems to climate change


Edward H Allison, Neil L Andrew, Jamie Oliver


 Pages : 35


 Size :411KB


Innovations in Climate Risk Management: Protecting and Building Rural Livelihoods in a Variable and Changing Climate


James Hansen, Walter Baethgena, Dan Osgooda, Pietro Ceccatoa, Robinson Kinuthia Ngugib


 Pages : 38


 Size :282KB


ICT-enabled knowledge sharing in support of extension: addressing the agrarian challenges of the developing world threatened by climate change, with a case study from India

V Balaji, Shaik N Meera, and Sreenath Dixit


 Pages : 18


 Size :416KB


Adaptation to Climate Change through Sustainable Management and Development of Agroforestry Systems

KPC Rao, Louis V Verchot and Jan Laarman


 Pages : 30


 Size :278KB


Rapporteur Report for 35th Anniversary Symposium on "Climate-Proofing Innovation for Poverty Reduction and Food Security"