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Volume:5, Issue:1
Dissemination and end-of-project workshop on “Development of Sustainable Seed Systems in West Africa” held in Bamako, Mali
  News from West Africa
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Groundnuts in Kenya
  In Kenya, ICRISAT has been working with TechnoServe Inc.
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Effect of improved crop production technologies in enhancing sorghum productivity in rainfed areas of Mahbubnagar district in Andhra Pradesh
  Ch Ravinder Reddy, Belum VS Reddy, S Ashok Alur, A Ashok Kumar and P Sanjana Reddy
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Prevalence and intensity of sorghum anthracnose in Ethiopia
  Alemayehu Chala, May Bente Brurberg and Anne-Marte Tronsmo
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Development of a reliable inoculation technique to assess resistance in pearl millet to Fusarium grain mold
  SK Nutsugah and JP Wilson
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