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 Volume:2, Issue:1

Institutions, Markets, Policies and Impacts

Research Quality at ICRISAT: Separating the grain from the chaff




MCS Bantilan, Subhash Chandra, Dyno Keatinge and Pradeep Mehta


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 Pages : 47


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Comparative Analysis of Seed Systems in Niger and Senegal




J Ndjeunga, K Anand Kumar and BR Ntare


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 Pages : 33


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Strategies for Seed System Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: A study of Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe



Robert Tripp


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Poverty and Natural Resource Management in the Semi-Arid Tropics: Revisiting challenges and Conceptual Issues




Bekele Shiferaw


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Vulnerability and Adaptation in Dryland Agriculture in India's SAT: Experiences from ICRISAT's Village-Level studies



MCS Bantilan and KV Anupama


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 Pages : 14


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Socioeconomic characterization and analysis of  resources-use patterns in community watersheds in semi-arid India



Bekele Shiferaw, GV Anupama, GD Nageswara Rao and SP Wani


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Spillover Impacts of Agricultural Research: A Review of Studies




UK Deb and MCS Bantilan


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Impacts of sorghum and Millet Research in west and central Africa (WCA): A Synthesis and Lessons Learnt



Youssouf Camara, MCS Bantilan and Jupiter Ndjeunga


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New Patterns of partnership in agricultural research in Africa: Institutional lessons from SMIP



Andy Hall


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Competitiveness of African Pigeonpea Exports in International Markets




Gabriele Lo Monaco


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Economic Value of Sorghum Stover Traded as Fodder for Urban and Peri-urban Dairy Production in Hyderabad, India

 M.Blummel and P Parthasarathy Rao      


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Rural Institutions and Producer Organizations in Imperfect Markets: Experiences from Producer Marketing Groups  in Semi-Arid Eastern Kenya



Bekele Shiferaw, Gideon Obare and Geoffrey Muricho


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 Pages : 37


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