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 Volume:3, Issue:1

Institutions, Markets, Policies and Impacts
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Industrial Utilization of Sorghum in India


Ulrich Kleih, S Bala Ravi, B Dayakar Rao, and B Yoganand



 Pages : 20


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Development Options for Local Seed Systems in Mozambique


D Rohrbach and D Kiala



 Pages : 29


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Commercialization Prospects for Sorghum and Pearl Millet in Tanzania


D D Rohrbach and J A B Kiriwaggulu



 Pages : 25


 Size :219KB


Evolution of Social Science Research at ICRISAT, and a Case Study in Zimbabwe


Jane D Alumira, Ma Cynthia S Bantilan and Tinah Sihoma-Moyo



 Pages : 20


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