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Volume 9
December 2011
Huayu 40, a groundnut cultivar developed through EMS mutagenesis
  Chuan Tang Wang, Xiu Zhen Wang, Yue Yi Tang, Jian Cheng Zhang, Dian Xu Chen, Jian Zhi Xu, Xin Dao Yang, Guo Sheng Song and Feng Gao Cui
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Evaluation of groundnut genotypes from China for quality traits
  Chuan Tang Wang, Yue Yi Tang, Xiu Zhen Wang, Dian Xu Chen, Feng Gao Cui, Yu Cheng Chi, Jian Cheng Zhang and Shan Lin Yu
 Pages:5 Size :41.2KB
Evaluation of water use efficient newly developed varieties of groundnut in on-farm trials in two different rainfall areas in Gujarat, India
  PC Nautiyal, PV Zala, Rukam Singh Tomar, Paresh Sodavadiya and Bhavesh Tavethia
 Pages:6 Size :173KB
A new set of allele-specific PCR primers for identification of true hybrids in normal oleate x high oleate crosses in groundnut
  Chuan Tang Wang, Dong Qing Hu, Yu Fei Ding, Hong Tao Yu, Yue Yi Tang, Xiu Zhen Wang, Jian Cheng Zhang and Dian Xu Chen
 Pages:4 Size :86.5KB
Combining ability of yield, yield traits and resistance to late leaf spot and rust in groundnut
  K Mohan Vishnuvardhan, RP Vasanthi and K Hariprasad Reddy
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