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Volume 8
December 2010
Induction of genetic variability for fatty acid composition in a large-seeded groundnut variety through induced mutagenesis
  Suvendu Mondal and Anand M Badigannavar
 Pages:4 Size :39.7KB
Influence of seed maturity stages on germinability and seedling vigor in groundnut
  PC Nautiyal, JB Misra and PV Zala
 Pages:10 Size :229KB
A new large-seeded groundnut variety TG 39 for Rajasthan and Karnataka states in India
  DM Kale, GSS Murty, AM Badigannavar, PC Gupta, TB Bhanushali, RS Sain, BR Chaudhary, SM Kumawat, Sudesh Kumar, KG Parameshwarappa, LH Malligawad, PV Kenchanagoudar and MG Bentur
 Pages:3 Size :94.8KB
Release of SA Juweel – a new South African groundnut cultivar with high oleic acid
  AE Pretorius, J Dreyer and L Salomon
 Pages:3 Size :41.6KB