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Volume:5, Issue:1
Increasing groundnut yield on dryland Alfisols in Indonesia
  Abdullah Taufiq, AA Rahmianna*, Sri Hardaningsih and F Rozi
 Pages : 3 Size :43.1KB
Productivity of semi-spreading and bunch type varieties of groundnut as influenced by sowing dates
  Virender Sardana and SS Kandhola
 Pages : 3 Size :46.0KB
DREB1A allows for more water uptake in groundnut by a large modification in the root/shoot ratio under water deficit
  V Vadez, S Rao, KK Sharma, P Bhatnagar-Mathur and M Jyotsna Devi
 Pages : 5 Size :243KB
Survival of groundnut seeds under different storage conditions
  DVSSR Sastry, HD Upadhyaya and CLL Gowda
 Pages : 3 Size :61.5KB
Variation in sensitivity to salinity in groundnut cultivars during seed germination and early seedling growth screening in chickpea
  Rukam Singh, Deepak Issar, PV Zala and PC Nautiyal
 Pages : 7 Size :63.8KB
Effect of harvest timing and postharvest storage conditions on aflatoxin contamination in groundnuts harvested from the Wonogiri regency in Indonesia
  AA Rahmianna, A Taufiq and E Yusnawan
 Pages : 3 Size :44.8KB
ICGV 96399 and ICGV 97245: Early-maturing groundnut advanced breeding lines with high per-day-productivity under rainfed situations
  Chuni Lal, AL Rathnakumar, K Hariprasanna, HK Gor and BM Chikani
 Pages : 2 Size :38.9KB
Identification of drought tolerant groundnut genotypes employing proteomics approach
  Ramesh Katam, Sheikh M Basha, Hemanth KN Vasanthaiah and KSS Naik
 Pages : 2 Size :279KB
Synergistic cropping of summer groundnut with Jatropha curcas – A new two-tier cropping system for Uttar Pradesh
  RA Singh, Munish Kumar and Ekhlaq Haider
 Pages : 2 Size :37.9KB