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 Volume:3, Issue:1

Groundnut and other Oil crops

Molecular genetic relationships among Arachis diogoi and A. chiquitana accessions


Nalini Mallikarjuna, Deepak Jadhav, Subhash Chandra and VP Prasanth


 Pages : 3


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New Trombay groundnut variety TG 38 suitable for the residual moisture situation in India


DM Kale, GSS Murty and AM Badigannavar


 Pages : 2


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Knowledge and adoption of aflatoxin management practices in groundnut farming in Junagadh, Gujarat, India


GD Satish Kumar, and MN Popat


 Pages : 2


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Huayu 25: A high-yielding, large-seeded groundnut variety


Chen Jing, Shi Yunqing, Miao Huarong and Wu Lan-rong


 Pages : 2


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