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Volume 8
December 2010
Use of indices based on consumption and utilization of food as a criterion to evaluate putative transgenic pigeonpea plants for resistance to pod borer Helicoverpa armigera
  SVS Gopala Swamy, HC Sharma, C Siva Kumar, KK Sharma and GV Subbaratnam
 Pages:7 Size :53kb
Chickpea mini core germplasm collection as rich sources of diversity for crop improvement
  HP Meena, J Kumar, HD Upadhyaya, C Bharadwaj, SK Chauhan, AK Verma and AH Rizvi
 Pages:5 Size :41kb
Survey of insect pests on pigeonpea in Nigeria
  SA Dialoke, CM Agu, FO Ojiako, E Onweremadu, GO Onyishi, N Ozor, BC Echezona, MO Ofor, II Ibeawuchi, IN Chigbundu, AA Ngwuta and FO Ugwoke
 Pages:8 Size :54kb
Chilling stress effects on reproductive biology of chickpea
  Sanjeev Kumar, Harsh Nayyar, RK Bhanwara and HD Upadhyaya
 Pages:14 Size :956kb
Root characteristics, plant water status and CO2 exchange in relation to drought tolerance in chickpea
  Neeraj Kumar, AS Nandwal, Sarita Devi, KD Sharma, Ashok Yadav and RS Waldia
 Pages:5 Size :563kb