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Volume:5, Issue:1
Development and adoption of improved chickpea varieties in Myanmar
  Aung May Than, John Ba Maw, Toe Aung, PM Gaur and CLL Gowda
 Pages : 3 Size :319KB
Developmental expansion of the hilum in chickpea seed coats
  ML Kriseman and MA Grusak
 Pages : 3 Size :280KB
Effects of micronutrients on growth and yield of pigeonpea
  M Malla Reddy, B Padmaja, S Malathi and L Jalapathi Rao
 Pages : 3 Size :247KB
Evaluation of chickpea genotypes for resistance to Fusarium wilt in Nepal
  RK Neupane, M Sharma, P Jha, J Narayana Rao, BV Rao, PM Gaur and S Pande
 Pages : 2 Size :167KB
Extending the repertoire of microsatellite markers for genetic linkage mapping and germplasm
screening in chickpea
  RK Varshney, R Horres, C Molina, S Nayak, R Jungmann, P Swamy, P Winter, B Jayashree,
G Kahl and DA Hoisington
 Pages : 3 Size :493KB
Genetic variability for cold tolerance in pigeonpea
  JS Sandhu, SK Gupta, Sudagar Singh and RP Dua
 Pages : 3 Size :197KB
Life expectancy of Helicoverpa armigera on chickpea
  MV Dabhi and CC Patel
 Pages : 2 Size :203KB
Progress in interspecific hybridization between Cicer arietinum and wild species C. bijugum
  Nalini Mallikarjuna, Deepak Jadhav, V Nagamani, C Amudhavalli and DA Hoisington
 Pages : 2 Size :157KB
Reaction of short-duration chickpea genotypes for resistance to gram pod borer
Helicoverpa armigera in Maharashtra, India
  SK Patil, GP Shinde and BM Jamadagni
 Pages : 2 Size :192KB