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 Volume:3, Issue:1

Chickpea and Pigeonpea

Development of cost-effective SNP assays for chickpea genome analysis and breeding


RK Varshney, S Nayak, B Jayashree, K Eshwar, HD Upadhyaya and DA Hoisington


 Pages : 3


 Size :65KB


Exploitation of wild relatives of pigeonpea and chickpea for resistance to Helicoverpa armigera


Nalini Mallikarjuna, HC Sharma and HD Upadhyaya


 Pages : 4


 Size :32.7KB


Forage yield and quality in pigeonpea germplasm lines


G Alexander, D Ravi, Ch Ramakrishna Reddy, KB Saxena, J Hanson, HD Upadhyaya and M Blummel


 Pages : 3


 Size :20.6KB


Identification of high-yielding large-seeded kabuli chickpeas with drought avoidance root traits


J Kashiwagi, HD Upadhyaya, L Krishnamurthy and S Singh


 Pages : 2


 Size :18.9KB


Identification of photoperiod insensitive sources in the world collection of pigeonpea at ICRISAT


HD Upadhyaya, KN Reddy, DVSSR Sastry and CLL Gowda


 Pages : 4


 Size :23.5KB


Identification of single and multiple disease resistance in desi chickpea genotypes to Ascochyta blight, Botrytis gray mold and Fusarium wilt


S Pande, PM Gaur, M Sharma, JN Rao, BV Rao and G Krishna Kishore


 Pages : 3


 Size :21.4KB


Impact of Allium sativum leaf lectin on the Helicoverpa armigera larval parasitoid Campoletis chlorideae


Richa Arora, HC Sharma, MK Dhillon, D Chakraborty, S Das and J Romeis


 Pages : 3


 Size :38.4KB


Influence of seed size in chickpea on moisture content during seed drying


DVSSR Sastry, HD Upadhyaya and CLL Gowda


 Pages : 3


 Size :26.8KB


Pollen as a means of international transfer of germplasm


Nalini Mallikarjuna1, Sheri Mcgrew, Sheri Reinerson, PN Rajesh, Clarice Coyne and FJ Muehlbauer


 Pages : 3


 Size :170KB


Production of fertile progeny from interspecific incompatible cross Cajanus platycarpus × C. cajan


Nalini Mallikarjuna


 Pages : 3


 Size :137KB


Rapid generation advancement in chickpea


PM Gaur, S Srinivasan, CLL Gowda and BV Rao


 Pages : 3


 Size :23.6KB


Stability analysis of chickpea large genomic DNA inserts in Agrobacterium


PN Rajesh, FJ Muehlbauer and Kevin E McPhee


 Pages : 2


 Size :179KB