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 Volume:1, Issue:1

Crop Improvement

Induction of Androgenesis as a Consequence of Wide Crossing in Chickpea


Nalini Mallikarjuna, Deepak Jadhav, Heather Clarke, Clarice Coyne and Fred Muehlbauer


Chefe (ICCV 92318) - A New Kabuli Chickpea Variety for Ethiopia


Ketema Daba, Geletu Bejiga, Yadeta Anbessa, PM Gaur, Jagdish Kumar and BV Rao


Increased Chickpea Yield and Economic Benefits by Improved Crop Production Technology in Rainfed Areas of Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh, India


A Ramakrishna, SP Wani, Ch Srinivasa Rao and U Srinivas Reddy


A Method for Germinating Perennial Cicer Species


CJ Coyne, T Sharp-Vincent, MJ Cashman, CA Watt, W Chen, FJ Muehlbauer and Nalini Mallikarjuna


Effect of Improved Crop Production Technology on Pigeonpea Yield in Resource Poor Rainfed Areas


A Ramakrishna, SP Wani, Ch Srinivasa Rao and U Srinivas Reddy


Biological Activity of Lectins from Grain Legumes and Garlic against the Legume Pod Borer, Helicoverpa armigera


Richa Arora, HC Sharma, E Van Dreissche and KK Sharma


Ten Myths about Tannins in Sorghums


L Rooney


Forging Research and Development Partnerships with Private Sector at ICRISAT-Sorghum as a Case Study


Belum VS Reddy, S Ramesh and CLL Gowda


Prospects of Breeding for Micronutrients and b- Carotene-Dense Sorghums


Belum VS Reddy, S Ramesh and T Longvah


Evaluation of Farmer-grown Improved Sorghum Cultivars for Stover Quality Traits


K Gurava Reddy, Blummel Michael, P Parthasarathy Rao, Belum VS Reddy, S Ramesh and          KMV Prasada Reddy


Agromonic Characteristics of Different Cytoplasmic Male-sterility Systems and their Reaction to Sorghum Shoot Fly,Atherigona soccata

MK Dhillon, HC Sharma and Belum VS Reddy


Response of Selected Sorghum Lines to Soil Salinity-Stress under Field Conditions


S Ramesh, Belum VS Reddy, P Sanjana Reddy, Manjunath Hebbar and M Ibrahim


Host Plant Resistance to Insects in Sorghum: Present Status and Need for Future Research


HC Sharma, Belum VS Reddy, MK Dhillon, K Venkateswaran, BU Singh, G Pampapathy, RT Folkertsma, CT Hash and KK Sharma


Grain Mold Resistance in Advanced Sorghum B-lines

P Sanjana Reddy, VP Rao, Belum VS Reddy, S Ramesh and RP Thakur


Registration of ICSV 88032: A High Yielding Line Resistant to Sorghum Midge, Stenodiplosis sorghicola


BL Agrawal, HC Sharma, CV Abraham and JW Stenhouse


Registration of Sorghum Varieties ICSV 735, ICSV 758, and ICSV 808 Resistant to Sorghum Midge, Stenodiplosis sorghicola


HC Sharma, BL Agarwal, CV Abraham, JW Stenhouse and Aung Toe

Plant Defense Responses to Sorghum Spotted Stem Borer, Chilo partellus under Irrigated and Drought Conditions

HC Sharma, MK Dhillon, J Kibuka and SZ Mukura


Performance of Layers on Sorghum-Based Poultry Feed Rations


A Rajasekher Reddy, V Ravinder Reddy, P Parthasarathy Rao, K Gurava Reddy, Belum VS Reddy, D Ramachandraiah and CLN Rao

Downy Mildew Incidence on Pearl Millet Cultivars and Pathogenic Variability among Isolates of Sclerospora graminicola in Rajasthan

VP Rao, RP Thakur, KN Rai and YK Sharma


Sequence of ITS-2 Amplified from Pearl Millet Downy Mildew Samples


A Viswanathan, A Sankaralingam, RP Thakur, D Hess, S Sivaramakrishnan and CW Magill


False Positives for Tannin Sorghum in Non-tannin Sorghum Using the Bleach Test


J Awika, CM McDonough, LW Rooney and RD Waniska


Standardization of a Protocol to Screen for Salinity Tolerance in Groundnut


V Vadez, N Srivastava, L Krishnamurthy, R Aruna and SN Nigam


Food-Fodder Traits in Groundnut


M Blummel, Ch Ramakrishna Reddy, D Ravi, SN Nigam and HD Upadhyaya


Preliminary Observations on Livestock Productivity in Sheep Fed Exclusively on Haulms from Eleven Cultivars of Groundnut


M Blummel, S Vellaikumar, R Devulapalli, SN Nigam, HD Upadhyaya and A Khan


Farmer Participatory Varietal Selection in Groundnut - A Success Story in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India


SN Nigam, R Aruna, D Yadagiri, TY Reddy, K Subramanyam, BRR Reddy and KA Kareem


Early-maturing, Large-seeded and High-yielding Groundnut Varieties ICGV 96466, ICGV 96468 and ICGV 96469


HD Upadhyaya, SN Nigam, AGS Reddy and N Yellaiah


Groundnut Cultivar Nyanda (ICGV 93437) Released in Zimbabwe


HD Upadhyaya, GL Hildebrand, SN Nigam and N Yellaiah