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Volume 7
December 2009
Farming with current and future climate risk: Advancing a ‘Hypothesis of Hope’ for rainfed agriculture in the semi-arid tropics
  P Cooper, KPC Rao, P Singh, J Dimes, PS Traore, K Rao, P Dixit and SJ Twomlow
 Pages:19 Size :930KB
Crop and weed responses to residue retention and method of weeding in first two years of a hoe-based minimum tillage system in semi-arid Zimbabwe
  Nester Mashingaidze, Stephen J Twomlow and Lewis Hove
 Pages:11 Size :253KB
New science tools for managing community watersheds for enhancing impact
  TK Sreedevi, SP Wani, AVR Kesava Rao, Piara Singh and Irshad Ahmed
 Pages:19 Size :2.49MB
Participatory research and development to evaluate Pongamia seed cake as source of plant nutrient in integrated watershed management
  TK Sreedevi, SP Wani, Mohammed Osman and SN Singh
 Pages:13 Size :298KB