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Volume 11
December 2013
Urbanization: A potential factor in temperature estimates for crop breeding programs at international agricultural research institutes in the tropics
  JDH Keatinge, D Ledesma, Jd’A Hughes and FJD Keatinge
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Role of Zinc in Nutrition: Zinc Field Day (1 August 2013) (Editor: SP Wani)
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Importance of zinc in crops and human health
  Soumitra Das and Andrew Green
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Zinc nutrition in health and diseases
  K Madhavan Nair and Dripta Roy Choudhury
Pages:6 Size :166KB
Breeding pearl millet cultivars for high iron density with zinc density as an associated trait
  KN Rai, OP Yadav, BS Rajpurohit, HT Patil, M Govindaraj, IS Khairwal, AS Rao, H Shivade, VY Pawar and MP Kulkarni
Pages:7 Size :216KB
Increasing grain Fe and Zn concentration in sorghum: progress and way forward
  A Ashok Kumar, K Anuradha and B Ramaiah
Pages:5 Size :74KB
Importance and advantages of rice biofortification with iron and zinc
  V Ravindra Babu
Pages:6 Size :471KB
Balanced nutrient management: Effects on plant zinc
  KL Sahrawat, SP Wani and G Pardhasaradhi
Pages:3 Size :58KB
Zinc deficiency: A productivity constraint in rainfed crop production systems of India
  Ch Srinivasarao and Y Sudha Rani
Pages:11 Size :244KB
An overview of zinc use and its management in oilseed crops
  G Suresh, IYLN Murthy, SN Sudhakara Babu and KS Varaprasad
Pages:7 Size :921KB
Managing soil fertility constraints in market-led shift to high value agriculture for benefiting smallholders in the semi-arid tropics
  Girish Chander, Suhas P Wani, DL Maheshwer, P Hemalatha, KL Sahrawat, K Krishnappa, GL Sawargaonkar, KH Anantha, RR Sudi, LS Jangawad, Ch Srinivasa Rao, G Pardhasaradhi and RA Jat
Pages:11 Size :70KB