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Volume:5, Issue:1
Yield gap analysis of soybean, groundnut, pigeonpea and chickpea in India using simulation modeling
  VS Bhatia, Piara Singh, SP Wani, AVR Kesava Rao and K Srinivas
 Pages : 160 Size :4.5MB
Chemical characterization of selected benchmark spots for C sequestration in the semi-arid tropics, India
  V Ramesh, SP Wani, TJ Rego, KL Sharma, T Bhattacharyya, KL Sahrawat, KV Padmaja, D Gangadhar Rao, B Venkateswarlu, M Vanaja, MC Manna, K Srinivas and V Maruthi
 Pages : 109 Size :5.8MB
Can drip irrigation improve the livelihoods of smallholders? Lessons learned from Zimbabwe
  Paul Belder, David Rohrbach, Steve Twomlow, and Aiden Senzanje
 Pages : 33 Size :2.3MB
Socioeconomic Profiles, Production and Resource Use Patterns in Selected Semi-Arid Indian Watersheds Villages
  Ramkumar Bendapudi, Bekele Shiferaw, SP Wani, GD Nageswara Rao and TK Sreedevi
 Pages : 94 Size :4.8MB
Physical and Chemical Properties of Red and Black Soils of Selected Benchmark Spots for Carbon Sequestration Studies in Semi-Arid Tropics of India
  T Bhattacharyya, P Chandran, SK Ray, (Mrs) C Mandal, DK Pal, MV Venugopalan, SL Durge, P Srivastava, PN Dubey, GK Kamble, RP Sharma, SP Wani, TJ Rego, P Pathak, V Ramesh, MC Manna and KL Sahrawat
 Pages : 239 Size :7.8MB
Rural Prosperity through Integrated Watershed Management: A case study of Gokulpura-Govardhanpura in Eastern Rajasthan
  Prabhakar Pathak, SP Wani, R Sudi, AK Chourasia, SN Singh and AVR Kesava Rao
 Pages : 54 Size :1.1MB
Yield Gap Analysis of Sorghum and Pearl Millet in India Using Simulation Modeling
  MVR Murty, Piara Singh, SP Wani, IS Khairwal and K Srinivas
 Pages : 85 Size :1.6MB
Lessons and learnings from mid-term evaluation of watersheds
Experiences in God’s own country’ of Kerala, India
  Rosana P Mula, AVR Kesava Rao, CH Srinivasa Rao and Suhas P Wani
 Pages : 13 Size :120KB
New Tools, Methods, and Approaches in Natural Resource Management
  Peter Cooper, Piara Singh, PCS Traore, John Dimes, KPC Rao, Bruno Gerard, Jane Alumira, Bekele Shiferaw and Steve Twomlow
 Pages : 68 Size :2.08MB