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 Volume:2, Issue:1


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Institutional History of Watershed Research: The Evolution of ICRISAT's Work on Natural Resources in India



C Shambu Prasad, AJ Hall and SP Wani


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 Pages : 35


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Institutional Learning and Change (ILAC) at ICRISAT: A Case Study of the Tata-ICRISAT Project


C Shambu Prasad, T Laxmi and SP Wani


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 Pages : 39


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Experiences on participatory action research for enhancing productivity of dairy animals in rainfed agro-ecosystem of India

                                                                                                                       AK Misra, KV Subrahmanyam, B Shivarudrappa and YS Ramakrishna


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 Pages : 14


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On-site and Off-Site Impact of Watershed Development: A Case Study of Rajasamadhiyala, Gujarat, India



TK Sreedevi, SP Wani, R Sudi, Mahesh S Patel, Jayesh Talati, SN Singh and Tushar Shah


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 Pages : 44


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A High-yielding Drought-tolerant Groundnut Variety Abhaya



RP Vasanthi, PV Reddy, V Jayalakashmi, P Sudhakar, M Asalatha, P Sudhakar Reddy, P Harinatha Naidu, T Muralakrishna, O Venkateshwarlu, K John, MS Basu,  SN Nigam, RC Nageswara Rao and  GC Wright

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