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 Volume:2, Issue:1


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Hydrological Characterization of Benchmark Agricultural Watersheds in India, Thailand, and Vietnam



P Pathak, SP Wani, Piara Singh, R Sudi and Ch Srinivasa Rao

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An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Land Size, Ownership, and Soybean Productivity-New Evidence from the Semi-Arid Tropical Region in Madhya Pradesh, India

G. Ananda Vadivelu, SP Wani, L M Bhole, P Pathak, and AB Pande


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 Pages : 44


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Potential Productivity and Yield Gap of Selected Crops in the Rainfed Regions of India, Thailand, and Vietnam



Piara Singh, D Vijaya, NT Chinh, Aroon Pongkanjana, KS Prasad, K Srinivas, and SP Wani


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Gully Control in SAT Watersheds



P Pathak, SP Wani and R Sudi


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Macro-benefits from Boron, Zinc and Sulfur Application in Indian SAT :  A Step for Grey to Green Revolution in Agriculture



TJ Rego, SP Wani, KL Sahrawat and G Pardhasaradhi


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Participatory Varietal Selection and Village Seed Banks for Self-Reliance : Lessons Learnt



Sreenath Dixit, SP Wani, Ch Ravinder Reddy, Somnath Roy, BVS Reddy, TK Sreedevi,        AK Chourasia, P Pathak, M Rama Rao and A Ramakrishna


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Participatory Biodiversity Assessment : Enabling Rural Poor for Better Natural Resource Management



S reenath Dixit, JC Tewari, SP Wani, C Vineela, AK Chourasia and HB Panchal


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Irrigation Investments and Groundwater Depletion in Indian Semi-Arid Villages: The Effect of Alternative Water Pricing Regimes



BA Shiferaw, SP Wani and GD Nageswara Rao


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Economic assessment of desilted sediment in terms of plant nutrients equivalent: A case study in the Medak district of Andhra Pradesh



KV Padmaja, SP Wani, Lav Agarwal and KL Sahrawat


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Spatial Distribution of Rainy Season Fallows in Madhya Pradesh: Potential for Increasing Productivity and Minimizing Land Degradation



SP Wani, RS Dwivedi, KV Ramana, A Vadivelu, RR Navalgund, and AB Pande


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