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 Volume:2, Issue:1

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Farmer-Participatory Integrated Watershed Management: Adarsha Watershed, Kothapally India - An Innovative and Upscalable Approach



SP Wani, HP Singh, TK Sreedevi, P Pathak, TJ Rego, B Shiferaw and SR Iyer

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Baseline Characterization of Benchmark Watersheds in India, Thailand and Vietnam




SP Wani and B Shiferaw


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 Pages: 98


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Potential Productivity, Yield Gap, and Water Balance of Soybean-Chickpea Sequential Systematic Selected Benchmark Sites in India



Piara Singh, D Vijaya, K Srinivas, and SP Wani

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Adarsha Watershed in Kothapally - Understanding the Drivers of Higher Impact




TK Sreedevi, B Shiferaw and SP Wani


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Integrated Watershed Management through Consortium Approach




Sreenath Dixit and SP Wani

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 Pages : 47


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Socioeconomic and Policy Research on Watershed Management in India - Synthesis of Past Experiences and Needs for Future Research



PK Joshi, Vasudha Pangare, B Shiferaw, SP Wani, J Bouma and C Scott


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 Pages : 81


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Socioeconomic Characterization and analysis of resource-use patterns in Community Watersheds in Semi-Arid India



B Shiferaw, GV Anupama, GD Nageswara Rao and SP Wani


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 Pages : 41


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Watershed Management and Farmer Conservation Investments in the Semi-Arid Tropics of India: Analysis of Determinants of Resource Use Decisions and Land Productivity Benefits



Bekele A Shiferaw, V Ratna Reddy, SP Wani and GD Nageswara Rao


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 Pages : 25


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Vermicomposting: Recycling Wastes into Valuable Organic Fertilizer



KP Nagavallemma, SP Wani, Stephane Lacroix, VV Padmaja, C Vineela, M Babu Rao and  KL Sahrawat


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 Pages : 17


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The Making of New Powerguda - Community Empowerment and New Technologies Transform a Problem Village in Andhra Pradesh



ED' Silva, SP Wani and B Nagnath


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