International Editorial Board




Dr. J.D.H. Keatinge, DDG- Research ICRISAT, India

Editorial Board Members


Dr. S. Tarawali, Director –People, Livestock and the Environment, ILRI, Ethiopia

Dr. P.Q. Craufurd, Deputy Director, Plant Environment Laboratory,  The University of Reading, UK

Dr. J.A. Dahlberg, Research Director, National Grain Sorghum Producers, Lubbock, Texas, USA


Dr.David Chikoye, Director-Research for Development, IITA, Nigeria


Dr.J. Hughes, DDG-Research, World Vegetable Center, Taiwan


Publishing Objectives

The Journal of Semi-Arid Tropical Agricultural Research (J. SAT Agric. Res.) is published electronically at least annually by the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT). It is intended as a worldwide communication link for all those interested in the research and development of semi-arid tropical agricultural research and to be a single, freely available web-based electronic source from which researchers can gain access to knowledge of crop and system specific information relevant to the target agro-ecosystem. It is particularly aimed at assisting those locations and partner institutions in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia where hard-copy library, and even conventional mail-service, support can be sub-optimal. In addition, it covers materials such as bioinformatics and genomic marker diagrams requiring high-quality photographic images that are problematic and expensive to reproduce in hard copy


What to contribute?

  • Contributions should be current, scholarly and well justified on the grounds of new information that warrants wide circulation

  • Results of recently concluded experiments, newly released varieties, recent additions to germplasm collections, mini-reviews, surveys, policy briefs and other subjects which warrant more rapid or widespread free dissemination than is presently possible in commercially-oriented scientific journals


Deadline for submission to Volume 2:  15 August 2006


How to format contributions


  • The language of contributions should be English using standard N. American spellings as appropriate to MS Word.

  • Keep the items relatively brief (10 pages double spaced font 10) including data tables and figures.

  • Tables should be separated from the text and placed in portrait orientation at the end of the text body.

  • Keep the list of references relatively short, all of which should have been cited in the text by author.  Provide all the details including author/s, year, title of the article, full title of the journal, volume, and page numbers (for journal articles), and place of publication and publishers (for books and conference proceedings) for every reference.  Cite references as in Volume 1 Issue 1 .

  • Express all quantities only in SI Units.  Spell out in full every acronym you use on the first occasion of use.

  • Give the latin name of every crop, pest or pathogen at the first mention.

  • Submit an electronic copy to the editor (d.keatinge AT* as an MS Word file attachment to your email.

  • Include the full institutional address of all authors and the email address of the corresponding author.


J. SAT Agric Res. will carefully consider all submissions and will accept only those that conform to its scientific standard and requirements.   The contributions will be formally peer reviewed.   The editorial staff welcomes submissions from its partner organizations, particularly from other Future Harvest Alliance research centers operating for the benefit of the poor in the semi-arid tropics.



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