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 Volume:3, Issue:1

Sorgum, Millet and other Cereals

Pearl millet germplasm at ICRISAT genebank – status and impact


HD Upadhyaya, KN Reddy and CLL Gowda


 Pages : 5


 Size :50.2KB


A survey of sorghum panicle-feeding Hemiptera in South Africa


M Kruger, J van den Berg and H Du Plessis


 Pages : 2


 Size :35.8KB


Direct somatic embryogenesis and organogenesis pathway of plant regeneration can seldom occur simultaneously within the same explant of sorghum


V Girijashankar, KK Sharma, P Balakrishna and N Seetharama


 Pages : 3


 Size :347KB


Morphological characterization of world’s proso millet germplasm collection


V Gopal Reddy, HD Upadhyaya and CLL Gowda


 Pages : 4


 Size :41.7KB