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Volume 9
December 2011


Heterosis in white-grained grain mold resistant sorghum hybrids
  A Ashok Kumar, Belum VS Reddy, B Ramaiah and Rajan Sharma
 Pages:6 Size :40.5KB
Genetic analysis of sorghum resources from China using SSRs
  GS Ji, YF Song, GQ Liu, RH Du and FW Hao
 Pages:7 Size :106KB
Evaluation of water productivity, stover feed quality and farmers’ preferences on sweet sorghum cultivar types in the semi-arid regions of Zimbabwe
  M Mativavarira, J Dimes, P Masikati, A Van Rooyen, E Mwenje, JLN Sikosana and Sabine Homann-Kee Tui
 Pages:9 Size :377KB
Germplasm conservation strategies – impact of conditioning on the viability of dry pearl millet seeds
  DVSSR Sastry, HD Upadhyaya and CLL Gowda
 Pages:4 Size :33.1kb
Characterization of ICRISAT-bred restorer parents of pearl millet
  SK Gupta, Ranjana Bhattacharjee, KN Rai and M Suresh Kumar
 Pages:5 Size :178KB