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Volume 8
December 2010


Agrobacterium-mediated transformation studies in sorghum using an improved gfp reporter gene
  Shridhar Jambagi, RS Bhat, Sumangala Bhat and MS Kuruvinashetti
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Characterization of ICRISAT-bred sorghum restorer lines
  Belum VS Reddy, HC Sharma, RP Thakur and A Ashok Kumar
 Pages:9 Size :48.3KB
Evaluation of sweet sorghum hybrid parents for resistance to grain mold, anthracnose, leaf blight and downy mildew
  RP Thakur, Rajan Sharma, P Srinivasa Rao, P Sanjana Reddy, VP Rao and Belum VS Reddy
 Pages:5 Size :42KB
Cultivar options for salinity tolerance in sorghum
  Belum VS Reddy, A Ashok Kumar, P Sanjana Reddy, Mohammad Ibrahim, B Ramaiah, Abdullah J Dakheel, S Ramesh and L Krishnamurthy
 Pages:5 Size :39.3KB
Combating micronutrient malnutrition: Identification of commercial sorghum cultivars with high grain iron and zinc
  A Ashok Kumar, Belum VS Reddy, KL Sahrawat and B Ramaiah
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Enhancing the harvest window for supply chain management of sweet sorghum for ethanol production
  A Ashok Kumar, Belum VS Reddy, Ch Ravinder Reddy, Michael Blümmel, P Srinivasa Rao, B Ramaiah and P Sanjana Reddy
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Effect of genetic background on fertility restoration of pearl millet hybrids based on three diverse cytoplasmic-nuclear male-sterility systems
  SK Gupta, KN Rai and M Suresh Kumar
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Case study of adoption of a pearl millet variety in a non-target region
  Rosana P Mula, KN Rai and SK Yadav
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