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Volume 6
December 2008


Seed viability of active collections in ex-situ genebanks: an analysis of sorghum germplasm conserved at ICRISAT genebank
  DVSSR Sastry, HD Upadhyaya and CLL Gowda
 Pages : 8 Size :48KB
Effect of pollination time on seed set in short glume sorghum in Yola, Nigeria
  D Bello
 Pages : 3 Size :27KB
Inheritance of morphological characters in sorghum
  R Nagaraja Reddy, S Murali Mohan, R Madhusudhana, AV Umakanth, K Satish and G Srinivas
 Pages : 3 Size :29KB
Combining ability of introduced sorghum parental lines for major morpho-agronomic traits
  Taye Tadesse, Tesfaye Tesso and Gebisa Ejeta
 Pages : 7 Size :47KB
Improved sorghum hybrids with grain mold resistance
  A Ashok Kumar, Belum VS Reddy, RP Thakur and B Ramaiah
 Pages : 4 Size :31KB
Shoot fly (Atherigona soccata) resistance in improved grain sorghum hybrids
  A Ashok Kumar, Belum VS Reddy, HC Sharma and B Ramaiah
 Pages : 4 Size :32KB
Seed production potential of ICRISAT-bred parental lines of two sorghum hybrids in the central Rift-valley of Ethiopia
  Asfaw Adugna and Tesfaye Tesso
 Pages : 6 Size :40KB
Characterization of grain mold resistant sorghum germplasm accessions for physio-morphological traits
  RP Thakur, VP Rao and Rajan Sharma
 Pages : 7 Size :47KB
Chemical and botanical protection of transplanted sorghum from stem borer (Sesamia cretica) damage in northern Cameroon
  Aboubakary, A Ratnadass and B Mathieu
 Pages : 5 Size :38KB
Standardization of nitrogen fertilizer rate for sugar yield optimization in sweet sorghum
  P Sanjana Reddy, Belum VS Reddy, A Ashok Kumar and P Srinivasa Rao
 Pages : 4 Size :32KB


Strategy for downy mildew resistance breeding in pearl millet in India
  RP Thakur, KN Rai, IS Khairwal and RS Mahala
 Pages : 11 Size :291KB
Quantitative nature of downy mildew resistance in Nigerian elite pearl millet lines
  II Angarawai AM Kadams, D Bello and SG Mohammed
 Pages : 3 Size :30KB
A simple and rapid screening method for grain zinc content in pearl millet
  G Velu, R Bhattacharjee, KN Rai, KL Sahrawat and T Longvah
 Pages : 4 Size :79KB
Variability for grain iron and zinc contents in pearl millet hybrids
  G Velu, KN Rai, KL Sahrawat and K Sumalini
 Pages : 4 Size :38KB
Transferring molecular markers from sorghum, rice and other cereals to pearl millet and identifying polymorphic markers
  OP Yadav, SE Mitchell, TM Fulton and S Kresovich
 Pages : 4 Size :41KB

Other cereals

Detection and quantification of genetically engineered crops
  Asfaw Adugna and Tewodros Mesfin
 Pages : 10 Size :40KB
Study of allelopathical effects of barley on inhibition of germination and growth of seedling green foxtail
  Zoheir Y Ashrafi, Sedigheh Sadeghi, Hamid R Mashhadi and Hassa M Alizade
 Pages : 6 Size :37KB