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Volume:5, Issue:1
Performance of sorghum varieties and hybrids during postrainy season under drought situations in Vertisols in Bellary,India
  SL Patil
 Pages : 3 Size :38.1KB
Public-private partnership and impact of ICRISAT’s pearl millet hybrid parents research
  RP Mula, KN Rai, VN Kulkarni and AK Singh
 Pages : 5 Size :56.5KB
Selection of restorers and varieties for stalk sugar traits in sorghum
  Belum VS Reddy, B Ramaiah, A Ashok Kumar and P Sanjana Reddy
 Pages : 3 Size :42.6KB
Morphological description and yield performance of pearl millet landraces collected from Rajasthan, India
  OP Yadav
 Pages : 9 Size :62.6KB
Surprising flowering response to photoperiod: Preliminary characterization of West and Central African pearl millet germplasm
  B Clerget, BIG Haussmann, SS Boureima and E Weltzien
 Pages : 4 Size :71.2KB
Variation in the quality parameters of sweet sorghum across different dates of sowing
  Belum VS Reddy, P Sanjana Reddy, A Ashok Kumar and B Ramaiah
 Pages : 3 Size :39.5KB
Evaluation and identification of promising pearl millet germplasm for grain and fodder traits
  IS Khairwal, SK Yadav, KN Rai, HD Upadhyaya, D Kachhawa, B Nirwan, R Bhattacharjee, BS Rajpurohit, CJ Dangaria and Srikant
 Pages : 6 Size :50.1KB
Planting date and row spacing affects grain yield and height of pearl millet Tifgrain 102 in the Southeastern coastal plain of the United States
  AL Maas, WW Hanna and BG Mullinix
 Pages : 2 Size :54.7KB
Sorghum genotypes tolerant to soil salinity – Progenies developed under gamma rays doses
  JN Tabosa, W Colaço, OV Reis, JB Simplício and FM Dias
 Pages : 2 Size :87.8KB
An on-farm study of Striga as constraint to improved sorghum cultivar production in Mali
  A Ratnadass, B Cissé, S Cissé, T Cissé, MA Hamada and P Letourmy
 Pages : 5 Size :87.8KB